Book Review: Quick Wholesome Foods

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Book Review: Quick Wholesome Foods

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Book Review: Quick Wholesome Foods

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Quick Wholesome Foods is a complete how-to 65 minute DVD with innovative techniques that will take the guess work out of preparing healthy, basic delicious foods that the whole family will love in only minutes!

See step by step easy to follow techniques to make low-fat great tasting meals.

Five 15-minute mini classes on Bread, Gluten, Wheat, Beans and 3-minute cheeses made from Powdered Milk, even old powdered milk.

Excellent for home, church or neighborhood groups. We ve made it easy for you to use your basic stored foods.

FREE 28 page recipe booklet included

Alternatively, Amazon video has this online as a rent or buy Amazon video if you do not want to own an actual Quick Wholesome Foods DVD.  Click the top picture to order the video, and the picture below just to rent or buy it as an Amazon video.

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