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How to Mount a Rabbit Hutch


Rabbit Hutch
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I needed to set up a hutch for my rabbits.  I decided to mount my a rabbit hutch inside my Carport

Recently my wife and I bought a “trio” of New Zealand White rabbits.  A trio being two does and an unrelated buck for breeding purposes.  I chose New Zealand Whites because they are a good commercial meat rabbit.  I paid a premium for the rabbits because I wanted good quality stock to start with.

The breeder told me that they won’t be mature enough to start breeding until about Thanksgiving, so for now, they are earning their food by being cuddly and cute.

This cute and cuddly stage may backfire when its time to butcher their offspring.  My wife, Genny, is very softhearted.  But I keep telling her about the healthiness of rabbit meat, how its low fat high protein.

I also spend time talking to her about the differences between industrial meat production and small hobby farms.  My rabbits have a MUCH better life.

Personally I feel that Man has dominion over the earth, and animals are put here to serve our needs, but we have to take responsibility to treat them with respect and kindness, and raise them as humanely as possible.

How I Mounted the Hutch

To mount the hutch in my carport (so I can see them better, and to give them shade and protection from the elements) I screwed two backing boards to the metal rails of my carport.  Next, I took large screws with washers and screwed them through the cage wire into the boards while keeping the hutch level.

I then took some heavy plastic sheet and screwed that to the bottom board and draped it over a frame of 2×4’s I build slightly larger than the hutches.  This funnels the rabbit waste into the trough so that it can be disposed of.

It did not take me long to realize that rabbits like to visit the same corner to void their wastes, so I had piles of waste in the box, so I took it a step further and put some plastic containers under the hutch to collect the waste for use in my garden.


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