Raising Healthy Cattle Under Primitive Conditions

Raising Healthy Cattle Under Primitive Conditions

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Raising Healthy Cattle Under Primitive Conditions is something I have no experience with, I have never raised cattle in any capacity.

I have, however, eaten my share of them, and can testify that if you have the space, cattle are very useful.

My wife wants on at our land when we actually move on it.  And I am up for it, even though I want a small homestead breed like a dexter.Cattle play important role in animal protein production for two reasons; first, the unique ruminant digestive system utilizes forage for food and secondary, much of the world offers marginal grazing systems on land not suitable for crop production. These feedstuffs would not be utilized were it not for the ruminants.

In other countries, they don’t grow modified corn to feed to cattle – this means they can’t stack as much cattle on a acre as we do.  Their beed is not as cheep, but it is better quality and used land that otherwise would be of little use.

The link below opens a PDF from the CD3WD set by Alex Weir. This document is on Raising Healthy Cattle Under Primitive Conditions.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.tngun.com/wp-content/uploads/Raising-Healthy-Cattle-Under-Primitive-Conditions.pdf” title=”Raising Healthy Cattle Under Primitive Conditions”]

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