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Raising Healthy Goats Under Primitive Conditions

Raising Healthy Goats Under Primitive Conditions
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Raising healthy goats under primitive conditions is well understood because goats are among the earliest animals to be domesticated. Goats are small ruminants who can thrive in areas where larger animals would have more difficulty. The most important goat products are milk, cheese, meat, mohair and leather. This manual is very comprehensive, covering all aspects of goat husbandry. It begins with physiological data on the goat, and continues with an examination checklist. The book covers management, diseases, parasite control and reproduction. It has many illustrations and tables that provide a well-documented and readable resource.

I tried my hand a goats a couple times, and I love the milk, and even built a good milking stand and automatic milker, my goat raising has been plagued with thievery and even murder (my last goats were shot with a hunting rifle.)

I need to get back into goats, I do have a fenced off yard, and I want to get back into making cheese – What I should probably do is to leave this pdf out where the wife can see it, and after a couple weeks get some – that way it won’t be a surprise.

The link below opens a PDF from the CD3WD set by Alex Weir. This document is on Raising Healthy Goats Under Primitive Conditions.
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