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Range Poultry Housing

Range Poultry Housing
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If you want to be more food independent, then you need to raise your own meat (vegans excluded – ya’ll still should but I’m not going to preach at you).

Chickens are accessible to most, heck some cities are even changing zoning to allow small amounts of backyard chickens.  While I like food rabbits more than chickens for a variety of reasons, chickens are seen more as food.  At least I con’t get death threats on my youtube videos on butchering chickens like I do on my rabbit videos.

In real life, not the theoretical internet world, I choose to keep both.  But that means I have to house both.  Chickens are hearty, and don’t require much more than a place out of the rain and secure from predators.

Keeping chickens dry and safe from the weather is easy, but as I live in a subdivision, predators include raccons but dogs kill most of my chickens.  I have tried all manner of housing options, and this PDF gives you some more.

The link below opens a PDF from ATTRA. ATTRA is the national sustainable agriculture information service operated by the National Center for Appropriate Technology. This document is on Range Poultry Housing.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Raising Goats for Meat and Milk”]

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