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RANT: Range Pet Peeve

RANT: Range Pet Peeve
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RANT MODE ON…. I want to talk about my Range Pet Peeve…

I like to go visit my local TWRA (Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency) Wildlife management areas to get out in the woods and enjoy nature. It really burns me up to see stop signs used as patterning boards. The other day I went to my closest TWRA range and took a look at the range facilities and noticed EVERYTHING was shot up.

Now it’s understandable that anything placed downrange will get shot by accident on occasion, but the benches and pavilions behind the firing line have no excuse to be bullet ridden.

If we do not take care of the equipment loaned to us for our shooting pleasure we will lose it forever.

In my experience firearm owners (as a whole and not the rare jerk) are mature, responsible, and generous individuals that understand and obey the law and expect to be left alone to take care of themselves. It is the camaraderie I feel around people like that that keeps me in the shooting world. I find fellowship with like-minded souls even more satisfying than the pleasure of shooting a 10x. However, the knuckled headed individuals that own guns but are not part of that responsible majority give us all a bad name.

Let’s separate ourselves from those that choose to give us a black eye by cleaning up our ranges and repairing damage left by inconsiderate bums. After all, if we want our kids to be able to shoot we need to ensure they have places to shoot…


Please do not knowingly shoot up our ranges acting like a jackwagon – its a sure way of keeping us from having ranges to shoot at.

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