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How to Make Brandied Fruit Topping


How to Make Brandied Fruit Topping
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Brandied Fruit is a great way to preserve fresh fruit without having to deal with the heat of canning, which makes it perfect for the summer.

We have brandied several fruits, from strawberries to apples. Our experience with apples is that even after a year the apples are just as crispy as they were when we first brandied them. However, the apples have absorbed the alcohol and tastes just like the alcohol we used to preserve it. Depending on your tastes and uses this can be a good or a bad thing.

For the apples we just mixed everything together.

The Strawberries are more like a strawberry shortcake sauce (and it tastes great on shortcake), and did not pick up as much of the alcohol flavor. However, when we did the strawberries, we cooked them a little on the stove first.


  • 1 c. brandy (we used white whiskey)
  • 1 c. sugar
  • 1 c. fruit (sliced)


  • Mix brandy sugar and fruit
  • Place in airtight jar for at least 2 weeks

brandied fruit is an awesome gift, when I give some brandied strawberries to my friends, they all want more.  In the past this was to preserve food over the winter, but now it is a way to enjoy nature’s goodness.

Until you have had strawberry shortcake with a brandied strawberry topping, you have no idea what you are missing.

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  1. Betty Belcher Betty Belcher

    I saw the video, they look like they we some “good” apples. I enjoy your video’s, and I hope you continue to make them. Cant wait for the “little man” to start appearing as well. May God Bless, and keep your family safe.

  2. Hot dog! I cant wait till strawberry season. If my produce stand still has apples I might try the apples too! Thanks David

    • David Nash David Nash

      I actually did this the first time with apples. I did not boil it, just added the spirits and sugar – I still have some left (a year old) – the apples are still relatively crisp, but they taste more like liquor than apples… From what I understand, you can do this with almost any fruit.

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