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How to Make Wine Cork Keychains: Perfect for Boating

How to Make Wine Cork Keychains: Perfect for Boating
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If you are out on the water and are afraid of loosing your keys you could go out and buy a floating key fob. But if you drink wine (or have friends that do), you can make a Cork Key Chains.

  • Get a long shanked eye-hook
  • Next, screw the hook through the center of the cork.
  • Finally, attach a split ring to the eye and thread on your keys.

This won’t hold a maintenance man’s key ring above water, but it will hold your boat, truck, and house keys…\

I love boating and being out on the water, and having a floating key fob is nice – having Recycled Cork Key Chains that you made from wine you have drunk with friend is cool.

If you have a lot of keys, you can hide the key ring in your truck and only have your boat and truck key on the fob.  That will ensure that it will float.

They even now have little chips you can put on your keys to help you find them – but if you loose your boat key on the lake you may have problems getting the boat out to the key chain oyt bobbing around.

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