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Resources For Emergency Planning and Preparedness In Schools

Resources For Emergency Planning and Preparedness In Schools
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I was quite interested in today’s guest post as one of the classes I took as an Emergency manager was Understanding and Planning for School Bombing Incidents.

I hate that we have to plan for things like that in out schools, but like fire and earthquake preparedness, it is something we have to deal with to enhance Preparedness In Schools

Resources For Emergency Planning and Preparedness In Schools

Schools are perceived as safe places for kids – or adolescents – to be, learn and socialize. However, what no one sees is that this safety is just as fragile at schools as it is anywhere and most of the time, there is nothing people in high positions can do about it.

Emergencies and threats – natural or human-made – will inevitably happen. But, how you react to them is up to you. A well-prepared school can survive an emergency unharmed. That takes a lot of planning and understanding of each type of emergency that can happen.

First, you need to know what kind of emergencies are possible in your geographical area and then build plans for those situations and gather resources that can help your students.

Here are some of the best resources you can use in the following emergencies:

1. Fire Preparedness

Fires can essentially happen anywhere. Some of them are related to structure, some are intentionally set and some happen due to some malfunctions. Wildfires can also happen in certain areas and this is also something you need to be ready for. Luckily, schools are usually already well-prepared for fires.

Here are some helpful resources that can improve your fire preparedness:

Campus and Dorm Fire Safety Tips: this site gives free lessons on fire readiness and it’s offered by National Fire Protection Association.

FireWise: this site is dedicated to educating people on wildfires including protective steps, communication resources and teaching tools.

How to Form A School Fire Safety Plan: this site gives you instructions on creating a quality fire preparedness plan.

2. Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquakes are also a possibility in a lot of places. In some, they can be small and not dangerous at all but in some they are much stronger and therefore a bigger threat. “They usually come without a warning and the school needs to be prepared in case a major earthquake strikes. The school needs to have safety rules in place and ways to communicate with parents in the aftermath of an earthquake”, – explains Homer Ritchie, a Communication Manager at Boomessays and BigAssignments.

Here are some resources that can help:

Earthquake Facts And Earthquake Fantasy: this is a site which explains what facts about earthquakes are true and which are not about earthquakes.

Earthquake Preparedness: this site shares information on necessary steps you need to take to be safe during an earthquake and after.

Earthquake Preparedness For Educational Facilities: this site helps schools and colleges create functional plans for earthquake emergencies.

3. Create emergency plans

Emergency plan is an important resource for anyone who wants to be prepared. You can work out plenty of details there and keep it clear of what should happen in case of an emergency and who should do what. You can collaborate with someone knowledgeable about disasters and create a quality plan that anyone can follow easily. However, for that, you’ll need some online tools.

Via Writing is an online editing tool that will help you remove your mistakes and redundancies which will make your plan better and more readable.

Elite Assignment Help is a proofreading guide. Grammar and spelling mistakes can cause you so much trouble and you don’t really need extra confusion when an emergency strikes.

Study Demic and Writing Populist are formatting tools that can assist you with making your plan easy to comprehend and scan for most important details.

4. Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricanes can typically be detected before they git the land but they are highly destructive and therefore, any educational facility on territories that are often struck by hurricanes should be prepared for them. Here are some useful resources: explains how to conduct yourself in case of a flood which often happens when a hurricane strikes.

How to Prepare For a Hurricane: FEMA has prepared a guide on everything you need to know about hurricanes.

Hurricanes: this is an extensive guide on how to behave during a hurricane and an hourly timesheet of things to do in the time before a hurricane strikes.

5. Tornado Preparedness

Tornadoes are unpredictable and highly dangerous. They can only happen in certain areas and schools in those territories should always be prepared for them. Here are some resources that can help:

Prepare for a tornado: this site gives you guides of what to do in case of a tornado.

National Disasters and Severe Weather – Tornadoes

Severe Weather 101 – Tornado Basic

Home Safety Preparedness for Tornadoes comes from the suggestion of one of the readers of this site.  Kelsey, I hope your preparedness project earns you an A+

6. Terrorist Attack Or Active Shooter Threat Preparedness

These are never easy to predict and can happen anywhere. That’s why you need to always be prepared for this.

Here are some resources to guide you:

Campus Safety

Campus Safety Toolkit

Terrorism Response Protocols

Final Thoughts

Even though most of the natural and human-made disasters are unpredictable and there is not much schools can do to prevent them, they should always be ready. Emergency plans and kits are a great idea and will keep students safe.

Author’s bio:

Freddie Tubbs is a business writer at Oxessays. He is writing Assignment help and Revieweal blogs and is a regular column author at the Vault magazine.

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