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How to Reuse Beetle Blaster Traps


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Fighting small hive beetles is a never ending battle. I use homemade coroplast traps with Crisco and boric acid as well as beetle blaster traps filled with diatomaceous earth as my two main traps.

The coroplast traps are DIY and are basically free.  The beetle blasters are a commercial product that is designed to be used with vegetable oil.

I use them with the diatomatious earth because it is less messy.  These traps are cheap and are designed to be one time use.

I try not to waste and reuse them by spraying them out with a water hose, drying them off and then refilling with more DT.

I would be careful switching traps between colonies so that you do not spread foulbrood or other diseases.  However, since I have the one bee yard it is not that big of an issue for me.

These traps, along with small cell bees and organic treatments are the main tools I use for pest management in the beehive.  It works well, but is a little more work to do to keep up with everything.  I dislike cleaning out the traps to reuse them, but I like reusing them more than buying fresh ones.

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