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Review Mason Jar Sprouting Lid

Review Mason Jar Sprouting Lid
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Since wheat is such a large part of my food storage plan, I try to sprout it occasionally to keep my family accustomed to the taste and texture of different ways to eat bulk wheat.

One of the problems I have when I sprout is not straining the wheat properly and having a white mold grow in my sprouting jar.

When I saw a $5 Mason Jar Sprouting Lid on Amazon I thought I would try it.

This lid made sprouting using mason jars much easier – I could fill and drain the jar without having to take the lid off –

It was much simpler than my old method of using a piece of cheesecloth and a rubber band.

It is also easier to clean – and I imagine that it will last as long as I will.

For those that don’t want to use a store-bought solution – I imagine you could drill a bunch of 1/8 inch holes in a plastic mayonnaise jar lid.

Sprouting is a great way to get more nutrients and use out of seeds, and seeds are generally easier to store than many other foods, so I feel that this is a win.

However, if you don’t want to buy a lid like this, I think you could probably improvise a mason jar sprouting lid using a Parmesan cheese lid.

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