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Muscle Roller Stick Review


Gear Review: Muscle Roller Stick
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I got this Muscle Roller Stick for my wife Genny, because she has devoted a lot of time and energy into her exercise program.  After a hard set of exercises she almost always asks me to rub her back to help relieve the tension.

Luckily for me this device came in the mail right after a hard day on the land cutting trees and hand digging a drainage ditch.  I only stopped work when my hands could no longer grip the pick-axe and as I write this review I am extremely grateful I took the opportunity to review this item as it has reduced my soreness to the point that I can actually function.

This 18 inch bar has two fixed handles with a series of rollers along the inside.  It is designed to allow the user to roll the device over muscles and help relieve tension and soreness.  The device came with a set of instructions, but frankly being both a guy and someone that was in desperate need of a massage I just grabbed it out of the package and began rolling it over my legs, hands, and arms.

I think it would do best as a back massager, but frankly it is either to short, or I am to fat and inflexible to contort myself to set it behind me.

I can testify that after rolling it on my legs and arms I did feel better.

This was not something I would have bought for myself, I got it at a reduced cost in exchange for a review and only did it because I felt it was something my wife would like, but frankly I am glad for the opportunity as I was over exerted and all alone and it helped me be able to move the day after a hard day.

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