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Pigeon Mountain Bee Jacket Review

Gear Review: Pigeon Mountain Bee Jacket
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Last year I ended up with some angry bees, I moved them too many times and made a lot of mistakes that kept some of my hives angry with me – so I needed a Bee Jacket because just using a hood and a t-shirt just wasn’t working.

Because of my large size and small budget (Oh how it would be nice to reverse those) it was hard for me to find a suit that fit my needs.

After some searching I found a company called Pigeon Mountain Trading Company that sells bee equipment at a very reasonable cost.

I ended up buying the 5xl hooded bee jacket for 44 dollars and was very pleased with the quality. It has strong stitches, zippers, and elastic bands around the wrists and bottom edge.

It is actually kind of hard to pull off because of the strong elastic – I have to pull the bottom up to my armpits and then pull the jacket off over my head.

I really can’t say much more about the jacket – it is the lowest cost I have found, and comes in the widest variety of sizes. It does exactly what I got it for, and has lasted a season, plus being loaned out as a Halloween costume.
I would recommend this product, and will be buying equipment from them as needed in the future.

I also want to say that I have not received anything from pigeon mountain trading company, and they did not know I was writing this until after it was posted – I just wanted to share my experience and help any other larger sized beeks find good quality gear at reasonable prices.

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