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Twod Pistol & Rifle Compact 200 Lumen Flashlight Review

Gear Review: Twod Pistol & Rifle Flashlight/QR/Compact 200 Lumen Flashlight
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This $15.00 Pistol & Rifle Flashlight is pretty functional for the price.  It installed easily and worked well.  While it is not as sturdy feeling as a more expensive light, it shot well and was bright.

My main concern with the light is the switch.  I killed the battery it came with the first night, as I accidentally switched the pistol light on.

I have reviewed Twod items before, and it is clear they are more for the airsoft market, I found this light worked on my 9mm pistol.  I did not get a chance to use this on a rifle and I suspect that it would break, but to be fair that is only my assumption.

For $15 the Twod Pistol & Rifle Flashlight/QR/Compact 200 Lumen Flashlight is worth the money, but only for a gun that was not in heavy use.

I wrote about flashlight use in my original Understanding the Use of Handguns Book, I normally use a handheld flashlight in addition to my pistol as I am concerned about muzzling an innocent person while investigation nightly noises.  I will redilly admit that a weapon mounted light is much easier to use.

I was offered this item in exchange for a review, but the above are my honest opinions.

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