Review: Upgraded Microwave Essential Oil Distiller - Essential Oil ExtractionI reviewed the Original OilExTech Microwave Essential Oil Distiller some time ago, and I liked it, but I had a hard time with the ice molds.  So when the company asked if I wanted to try their new advanced model I jumped on the chance.

This video is just the unboxing, as right now I am in the middle of getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas and need to prepare to do this review right as the OilExTech website now has recipes I want to try.

In addition to having great recipes, success stories and lots of how to articles on their site, they also link to scientific studies about the process and analysis of the oils captured from this method compared to traditional methods.

In my original videos I got lots of comments about microwaves “killing” the oils and while I would not expect everyone to explore the science I would hope that educated DIY’ers would love to have facts available.

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