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How to Easily Remove Carbon From a Revolver Cylinder


Revolver Cleaning Tip
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Do you want to know how to easily remove carbon from a revolver cylinder? It is easy. Remove the cylinder from the revolver first.

I really love shooting revolvers.

(I love shooting double action so much I modified my Glock 17 to have a trigger that is more like a double action revolver.)

However, cleaning the cylinder is not something I enjoy, rubbing lead remover cloth around the face of the cylinder has always annoyed me because the crane and extractor rod always get in my way.

When I was going through the TN Department of Correction firearm instructor course (TDOC uses revolvers at its institutions) I learned this really cool trick.

How to Remove a Revolver Cylinder

If you remove the screw that holds the cylinder crane to the frame the crane and the cylinder will slide out.  This will allow you to easily clean the cylinder.

The cylinder will slide back in the firearm when you are done.  (Generally this is the single screw right below the bore end of the cylinder, on the frame, on the side opposite the cylinder release)

Do not over tighten the crane screw.  If you do, the revolver  will not easily open and close.  Use proper screwdrivers, as this is a common place to “bugger” up your gun.

This tip is pretty simple, just don’t loose the screw, and always use the proper screwdriver for the screw.

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