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Rolo Marshmallow

Rolo Marshmallow
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This Rolo Marshmallow tip is a simple campfire trick that is sure to make you a hero with the kids.

If you are roasting marshmallows on the fire, poke a hole in the center of it and insert a mini Rolo. (I am sure you could substitute plain chocolate or other mini candybar).

Rolo Marshmallow’s are a treat that will make you a hero in your kids eyes.  Its even something that your wife may give you a little credit for…

The caramel and chocolate of Rolo will melt inside thee marshmallow and turn into a gooey tasty mess.

It’s like a s’more with caramel, especially if you eat it with graham cracker (well then it is a s’more with caramel).

I am not much of a sweets person, but I do like to eat these on the rare occasions we make them.  My boy really likes them also.

Rolo Marshmallows are a simple way to fancy up campfire roasting.  It is not hard, but it does take your dessert cooking to an entirely new level.

This is also a really fun way to spend time with your children.  As a date night, a roaring fire, some wine, and a fancy yet fun activity – It would be hard to beat.

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