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RORAIMA Portable Aluminum Camping Table Review


RORAIMA Portable Aluminum Camping Table Review
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I have been trying to get my wife to camp.  However, she only is interested in “glamping”.  Therefore, I need to up my car camping game.  To this end, I have been looking for a Portable Aluminum Camping Table to make camp-life easier.

Earlier this year, I reviewed another piece of Roraima gear.  That was a screen house that set up very easily.  This table was the same.

In the video I show unboxing and the first time set-up.  It really could not have been simpler.  Everything snaps together and in held tight by elastic.  So putting it together does not require tools or extra hands.

I really like this table, and put it together with the screen house and the one board chairs I showed in the carving tool post and you have the beginnings of a really comfortable campsite.


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