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The Survival Rule of 3 – Become A Smart Prepper

Rule Of Threes
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We recently posted an article about the philosophy of “What’s Important Now”.

Today’s article will discuss a system of priorities called the The Survival Rule of 3.

Basically the Rule of Three is a convenient way to memorize the order of importance of basic necessities.

If you really want to get in the weeds you can add seconds.  If you are in a blind panic, you can run off and get killed instantly.  This means you can only live 3 seconds without thinking.

Obviously this is an approximation, and is only designed to help you remember your priorities, but as a planning tool its valuable as many people add what is important to them, or what makes them feel safe without regard to the realities.

In the video I say that too many people buy a AR-15 before a water filter. That’s not to say a defensive tool is not important, but for thousands of years, billions of humans have lived their entire lives without AR-15s, but nobody has lived more than a few days without water.

When you are looking at what is important right now, or what is important for you to plan for or acquire keep this in mind, and balance your resources with your threats to what you actually NEED for survival.actually NEED for survival.

You can only live 3

  • seconds without thinking
  • minutes without air
  • hours without shelter
  • days without water
  • weeks without food
  • months without hope


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