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SA 93 7.62 Semi Automatic Firearm Manual

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Today I want to share the SA 93 7.62 Semi Automatic Firearm Manual

The  SA93 is one of the most highly sought after AK clones around. The SA93 was a 100% Bulgarian milled AK that had the heavy “RPK” style barrels.

The only guns that come close to the SA 93 are the SLR-95 which did not have the heavy barrel that make this gun so desirable, and the new Arsenal SA-RPK which is chambered in 5.45 and not 7.62.

If you have one of these guns it is pretty much guaranteed to increase in value since it is quite possibly the best AK47 imported, and it was only imported during 1993 and 1994.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”SA 93 762 Semi Automatic”]

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