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How to Burn Trash More Safely

Homesteading: Safer Trash Burning
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Safer Trash BurningBeing able to burn trash is very helpful on a rural homestead.  When clearing out the trailer it is essential.  However, I don’t want embers flying out of the barrel and catching the world on fire.

In my search for ways to have safer trash burning I found that a dryer drum both fits on a 55 gallon burn barrel, but also has holes that allow airflow, but prevent burning materials from escaping.

By placing the dryer drum on the burn barrel I can more safely burn items without fear of stray burning bits causing a fire.  So far the only problem is that the drum gets hot, and so it is hard to remove for reloading of the barrel.

However, I figure that if I am constantly dumping items in the fire then I am there to watch it, but If I just am filling it up to burn a set amount of items then this is effective.

As a side benefit, the extra metal heating up more efficiently transfers it if you are burning to keep a warm spot to stand around on a cold winter day.

Covered burning is pretty important – vital even depending on the time of year.

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