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How to Build a Sawmill Trailer out of a Boat Trailer

Sawmill Trailer Build
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In this post I will share three videos detailing how I turned a cheap boat trailer off of Craigslist into a portable sawmill trailer.

It was not a hard project but it did take a lot of time to think and I had to change my plans several times during the project.

This project lends itself to other trailer builds, you can easily make a utility trailer the same way (or use this trailer as a utility trailer.

I can now move my mill without spending all day setting up track, my track is always level, and I can keep all my materials together.

Heck I can even bring the wood back home with me on the same trailer that cut it.

Part 1 Describes the basic project and shows the main aspects of the project

Part 2 Talks more about the track and how the mill rolls on them

Part 3 Describes how to set the trailer up on the jack-stands and prepares it for use.

I need one more video showing it in use and how I winch a log onto the trailer.  I just have to reset the trailer up on the homestead.

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