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How to Scarify Seeds for Sprouting


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This post on how to scarify seeds refers to removing the protective coating that protects the seeds until the proper environmental conditions are present.  It also keeps them from germinating until the proper environmental conditions are present.

Some seeds, like ginseng and the Eastern Red Cedar and Honey Locust seeds shown on the video.

To scarify the Eastern Red Cedar you need to soak the seeds in hot water for 6 hours – I put them in a plate with a folded towel. and coated it all in nearly boiling water.

Next you keep them cold for 90 days to simulate them getting through the winter.

To scarify honey locust seeds you do the same thing but use boiling water and soak for 24 hours.

This is not a hard process, but it is pretty essential if you are using seeds that need this process.

My ginseng seeds need a hot cold system also, but I just plant them directly and let the scarification occur naturally in the ground.

You can do this with the Red Cedar also, but I like using the jiffy pots so I can plant a seedling and know exactly where my tree it.  Other wise I run the risk of mowing the tree as I will forget where I put a seed.

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