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Childproof Your Scissors With a Padlock

Scissor Lock
Scissor Lock
Organizing Tip: Put on a Scissor Lock
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If you want to prevent a wild child from cutting their own hair, or a suit you just sewed for a wedding (sorry mom) then put on a scissor lock. It is pretty easy to run a small padlock through the handles of a pair of scissors which creates a scissor lock that will render the scissors useless, but not permanently alter them.

This is a pretty easy tip and is painless to do, but if you have a child like I was, or have a son like the one I am raising, then it is just a matter of time until they decide to modify something.  In my case I thought having a pair of shorts was more important than having a suit to wear to my aunt’s wedding.

However, I will suggest that if you choose not to follow this scissor lock tip, and you child does wack off a hunk of hair, go with it, have fun, laugh and realize it will grow back.  Child discipline is important, but so is seeing the humor in life and having fun with your kids.

You would think this is common sense, but I guess it is inconvenient to put the lock on and off, but its probably less inconvenient that having to buy new clothes because someone decided to make shorts.

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