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Essential Seasonal Hive Maintenance


Beekeeping: Seasonal Hive Maintenance
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This video shows how I perform Seasonal Hive Maintenance, having bees necessitates taking care of beehives.

Beehives need to be scraped and painted on a regular basis.  Additionally, the type of paint matters, and the colors can make a difference.

Personally, I like to use white paint, and many people paint their hives with whatever paint they can get at a discount.

What many don’t know is that bees see colors differently than us and some colors calm them more than others.

Taking care of hives is pretty simple, but it can be time consuming.  I find that the time spent painting and preparing my beehives extends the wooden ware life which saves me much more money in boxes than what I lose in time.

Besides, it is therapeutic to me to spend time performing repetitive tasks that don’t take a lot of thought.

When doing seasonal hive maintenance I can free my mind and focus on the task and let my stress melt.  I find that after spending an evening working on tasks like painting sometimes solutions to problems I have been focused on just pop into my head.  I only wish I enjoyed painting.

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