Book Review: Secrets Of Street Survival – Israeli Style

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Book Review: Secrets Of Street Survival - Israeli Style

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Israeli self-defense and small arms specialist Eugene Sockut presents hard-learned survival tactics, including adopting the right mind-set, using “hot” and “cold” weapons, securing your home and surviving a riot.

I found Secrets Of Street Survival to offer some interesting insight into personal preparedness.  The concept in this book are based around Israeli settlers that are surrounded by Palestinians that could go from “friendly” employees and co-workers to attempting to kill them in an instant.

If you have thought about the see-saw of being too hesitant and too aggressive, and tried to determine WHEN to use your firearm, then think about a situation where you work daily with people over the course of years that seem friendly but who are liable to turn  on you in an instant.

No where else in the world does an individual face the types of situations that Sockut describes, and the lessons learned can translate to disaster situations.

I found the concepts in this book very useful to my teaching – and I used it extensively in my Introduction to Terrorism course, as well as in various firearm courses.

This book is labeled by Paladin Press as For academic study only, and it is definitely worthy of study.

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