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How to Seed Red Clover


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For my purposes there are two kinds of clover used to cover the ground white and red.  The main difference I am concerned with is the base height the clover grows to.

Both red and white clover are perennial legumes high in protein and fiber that are widely used as forage for animal grazing and pastures. They both feed bees and are used as a cover crop.

Both are highly frost and moisture tolerant and act as a living mulch.

Red clover gets taller than white and does not last as long.  Typicality it has a life cycle of 2-3 years, by which time you may want to rotate your crops anyway.

White clover, grows relatively short in comparison.  It is thicker growing and spreads outward. Because it spreads out it does not have the limited life cycle than red clover does.

I chose red because I wanted to have something quick that would not be hard to replace in a couple of years.

I inherited an old seed bag spreader and filled it up and began seeding red clover over the homestead as soon as I cleared the brush and got down to dirt.

This worked pretty good.

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