Kid Built Computer Part II Setting up the Kano OS

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Kid Built Computer Part II First Power Up

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This is my son and I powering up his blackberry pi mini computer and setting up the Kano OS.

Once again, the footage is wonky, my wife was holding the camera and as this was the first power up of the computer neither of us knew what would happen on screen.

Our only problem with this device and the operating system is that while it is very kid friendly my kindergartener can’t read well enough to navigate on his own, but its simple enough he thinks he does not need help in using his computer.

This leads to a lot of him pressing buttons and not really knowing what is happening, but as long as he is exploring and having fun on his own I try to bite my tongue and let him use it his way.

Setting up the Kano OS did not take long, and its pretty simple, it is designed for kids ages 6 and up, so all you have to do is follow the screen prompts and type what is asked.

It allows the child to tell the computer the name they want to be called, as well as set up the avatar they want to use.  My son made a zombie looking blackbelt, no surprise there.

Once your done setting up the kano OS, the child can set up an account to share their creations with other children online.

We then spent some time playing with the Kano, exploring how to code minecraft and play pong.

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