Shooting Stance Training Tip

Shooting Stance Training Tip
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I love firearm training, especially instructor courses.

When running an instructor course I get to meet the best kind of people – smart, dedicated, and proficient shooters. Not only is it great fun, but I get to talk with people with all sorts of backgrounds.

I learned about the 300 blk on a break at a course, got to discuss suppressors with a manufacturer, and today I get to share some training from a new NRA Pistol Instructor. We started talking and after class we decided to do a little video work.

The instructor in the video is Marcus Talley from Veteran’s Tactical in Mississippi – he is not far from my land in Waynesboro TN and I hope to have him come teach on occasion.

In the video he is giving an example of why proper stance is important for accurate shooting and good follow-up shots.
If the shooter tenses up as they shoot multiple shots can get the shooter rocking, but too loose makes for a slow second shop.

A good balance where your body can absorb the recoil but not be taken too far off the target is optimal, and his tip of having a second shooter tap you hand while in stance can help you find that balance point.

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