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Dave in the WoodsI don’t run Dave’s Homestead for money.  I have a full time job that pays my bills.  However, running this website takes an extreme amount of my time, and a good bit of my own resources to make the videos and articles you see here.

In order to keep the site running and to improve the quality of the videos I need to try to recoup some of the money I spend.

To don’t run on donations or subscriptions so I have to have advertisers.  This means I have certain pages I have to have – like advertisements and disclaimers.  The sub pages under the Site related tab is how I do that.  I don’t like donations, as I am a man that can take care of myself.  I am a free market capitalism and don’t have a problem with advertising as I am exchanging value not begging.  You will never see a “go fund me” article on this site, but you may see a “kickstarter” type post.  The difference is – give me some money vs give me some money in exchange for something.

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As an experiment in the “Laffer Curve”, as well as to improve the user experience I have severely cut back on my advertisements – especially the affiliate sidebar ads.  This means I need more comments and participation from you to drive the engagement up so those few clicks are worth more.

As always I do the work to keep Dave’s Homestead running in order to serve the prepper community – so please don’t hesitate to let me know what you are thinking.  Use that contact Dave page to email me.  I read every comment personally and try to respond quickly.


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