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This site both accepts payment for Advertisements, and does reviews, but we do not accept payment for reviews.

The gear and books we review are things we actually use, or for the occasional negative reviews, things we bought that did not work as promised.

We do sometimes receive equipment and books at no cost to us, but generally this has been sought out by us because of our interest in the product.

Self-Defense and Personal Preparedness are serious business, and we will not sacrifice our credibility for advertising dollars.

We know that many people do not like advertising on blogs, but our projects can get expensive.

In order to defray our costs without turning into a subscription site, or beg for donations we have made the choice to use advertisements.

Mostly we use affiliate advertisers, particularly Amazon and Google adsense.

These links are on the sidebar, and you should assume that any advertisement on the sidebar has offered some monetary consideration for placement.

If you wish to advertise on this site, feel free to email David directly.

I do not have a particular set of costs per sidebar ad – because if I know of the manufacturer and feel it is of benefit to the user of this site I want to work with you with a very reasonable rate.

The more fluff a product has, the closer the cost per ad will be to market rates based on CPM.

I prefer affiliate deals, because, even if I make less per ad unit, the payments are based upon what I bring to the deal.

Nor non-affiliate advertisements, I prefer a yearly contract with monthly invoice, but I am open to all offers.

If you are paying for a sponsored guest post, and I post your article as written, there is a no refund policy.

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