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Dave’s Homestead is a one man show.  I run the site, write the articles or edit the guest posts, research, and fix the problems myself.

You can learn more about me on my David Nash page, but this page is where I want to learn about you.

I added this Contact Dave page so you can easily let me know of any problems, questions, concerns, or ideas.

I read all the mail personally, and will try to respond quickly.

I run this site as a labor of love, and truly respect and look forward to hearing from you.

Hearing your thoughts is very important to me.  I am an instructor by trade and a teacher at heart.  If the information provided on this site is not helpful or entertaining then I want to know so I can make it so.

Please remember that I am a one man show.  I work full time and have a family.  I am not perfect and sometimes my videos are out of focus or have some crazy whine.  I am not making excuses, but this content is free for you to view, but it is not free to make.