Dave and WTDave’s Homestead is run by Dave.  I am Dave – and I am a one man show.  I answer the emails sent on this form for contacting Dave personally and and quick as possible.

If you are a real person with a question, concern of comment ASAP is pretty fast.  If it some overseas content creator spamming me with offers to submit a post on fairy gardens then as quick as possible may be never….

I live in Dickson TN, and am pretty easy to get in touch with.  If you can’t get me via my form below, my direct email is [email protected]

Additionally, using the menu bar above, you can always visit my YouTube Channel, My Instuctables page, or may Amazon Author page.  However I am am pretty easy to get in touch with of using this contact form below.

I do not mind if you use this form to point out any mistakes on my site.  I really try hard to give you good information.  That’s why I have so many videos, so you can see I actually tried what I am talking about.

I actually prefer it when someone points out an error – its probably the only way I will be able to notice and fix it.  Especially seeing as this is a 12 year old website with nearly 2000 posts and I do it alone and basically for free.