Homesteading: Skidding Logs

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Homesteading: Skidding Logs

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In this video I show how I go about skidding logs by myself, these are not big logs, but I had to move them up a hill and after the first couple that I moved by lifting and pulling by hand I was beat.

I used my cant hook to elevate the log so I could throw a chain around the log end.  I used the same clips I used in my T-Post video.

The other end of the chain went to the truck and I could easily skid the logs where I wanted them to go.

After a while I even started to daisy chain the logs together so the back end of the first log was chained to the front end of the second log so I could pull a train load of logs up the hill at a single time

I don’t like skidding logs that are going to go on the sawmill as dirt and mud dull the blade vey quickly and a bit of gravel stuck in the bark can ruin a blade as well as get shot out like a bullet if a tooth catches it just right.

However, as I plan on peeling these logs, I can get away with dragging them, otherwise I would have used my DIY log arch.

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