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How to Make a Small DIY Log Arch Out of Black Iron Pipe


Homesteading: Small DIY Log Arch
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This article shows an experiment I did to create a small DIY log arch out of black iron pipe.

In order to move logs around by hand and by myself I needed some mechanical advantage.

Within the sawmill and timber industries log arches are a pretty common way to move logs.   At it’s simplest a log arch is just a fulcrum on wheels.

It is rolled over a log and the log is winched up into it so that one 9or both ends) are suspended allowing less friction on the ground.

Log arches tend to cost $1000 or more so DIY arches are common.  However, large arches the size I really need require welding skills I simply do not have yet.

Looking at what was available I decided I would build a small log arch using black iron pipe to see if it was feasible to do so before investing in the larger pipe to make the log arch I needed.

Constructing the ArchSmall DIY Log Arch

  • I found that I could piece together fittings and that 3/4 bolts would screw into pipe elbows.
  • So I bolted two wheels into two elbows
  • I then screwed those elbows into 1 foot pipe nipples
  • Next, I ran them into 90 degree elbows and connected the two sides with a T.
  • In the T went another 1 foot pipe elbow that I could slide a large piece of conduit into to give leverage.

Just screwing the pipes together did not work, as when weight was put on the contraction all the connections twisted.

Small DIY Log ArchI went back to the house and used my cheap harbor freight welder to tack all the connections together.

The welding helped and I could use this to pull logs around the homestead.

I haven’t tried this with large logs and I haven’t got around to doing it with the larger pipe.

In all honesty I really want to either learn how to really weld or find a friend who has a shop so I can build a true log arch.

Until then my small DIY log arch will have to do.

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