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Small Earth Dams

Small Earth Dams
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This work on Small Earth Dams is from the California Extension service and went out of print in 1983.  Like many of the hydroelectric documents shared here, I got it from the CD3WD set.

About 20,000 small earth dams have been built on California farms in the last 25 years and more are being built all the time.

While many of the early dams were built as stock watering ponds, farmers are also deriving benefits from being reservoirs for irrigation water, and recreation purposes.But its not all Dam advantages, they have disadvantages also, they are expensive and require more expense and labor to maintain them.  They may also increase the local mosquito population.

This document covers, law, site selection, construction details, as well as maintenance and management practice.

As with any legal resource, don’t take it as gospel – do your own research to ensure the laws in your jurisdiction are the same, and that they are up to date.

Small Earth Dams give some good basic information and is the perfect start to begin your research if you think you need a damn on your own property.  I would hate for you to spend a lot of time and money on a great dam and have the government make you take it down.

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