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Environmentally Sound Small Scale Forestry Projects

Environmentally Sound Small Scale Forestry Products
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This CD3WD PDF Environmentally Sound Small Scale Forestry Projects is about planning forestry projects to benefit farms and communities – basically its about planting trees in a way to benefit from them.

Its not just the tree, its the windbreak, erosion control, shade, habitat, and esthetics of having trees on your property.

Trees are a vital part of the ecosystem, we need them to recycle CO2 back into Oxygen.  Plus, there is something so primal about being in a forest.  I love being in the woods, it revitalizes me and does my soul good.  I know that sounds a little touchy feelie but its true and hard to explain to someone that has never walked barefoot though an old growth forest.

One of my favorite things to do is to go squirrel hunting.  Basically I grab a light .22 rifle, a water bottle, a peanut butter sandwich and a book.  I traipse off and find a nice tree to get comfortable under and I spend the morning reading.  Of course if the squirrel attacks me then I defend myself, but otherwise its an excuse to commune with nature.

Without trees and forests this would be impossible.

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