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Soft Tech

I can’t get you interested in the Soft Tech PDF if you don’t know what soft tech is….

This is a branch of Appropriate Technology.  Of which I think preppers need to consider more.

What is Appropriate Tech?  Well, the best definition I can find is as follows:

Appropriate technology “involves a search for technologies that have beneficial effects on income distribution, human development, environmental quality, and the distribution of political power—as well as productivity—in the context of particular communities and nations”. — Darrow and Saxenian

  • Appropriate hard technology is stuff – buildings, machines, infrastructure that people with little training and resources can maintain (TEOTWAWKI stuff)
  • Appropriate soft technology is people and culture – rules, culture, motivation, and interaction. (Sounds Touchy Feely but how do we get along under stress and operate a community or compound)

Anyway, this is a little soft for my tastes, but it does have some good points on tools and things.  Enough to be worth dipping a toe into the hippy culture.

I joke about hippies, and feelings, but I don’t believe we can afford to be exclusive when searching for the best ways to deal with disaster.  If you have a good idea, I am going to use it, even if I don’t like you (or agree with your views, or feel comfortable around you)

I think I am going to get off the computer, watch Rambo II eat a steak and shoot my mortar… ‘Merica!

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