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Hobbymate 28 Led Solar Garden Light with Motion Sensor Review

Gear Review: Hobbymate 28 Led Solar Garden Light with Motion Sensor
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Having a shipping container out in the woods is a blessing, but not having power can cause problems.  When Hobbymate asked if I would review their 28 Led Solar Garden Light with Motion Sensor I jumped at the chance.  While I did not get paid for this post, Hobbymate did provide the lamp at no charge.

I haven’t had a chance to get to the land this weekend as I have a terrible ear infection that got into my throat.  I am pretty miserable, so instead of bouncing down the back-roads to get down there, I “temporarily” mounted the light on my goat pen to test the light.

I think I like it there, so what will probably happen is I buy another lamp for the land.

The device was a little smaller than I expected, but this is a good thing.  It is very bight and the batteries last a long time, so a smaller size gives me more mounting options.

This light is pretty neat as the PIR sensor detects people.  It also detects light.  The solar panel on the top of the unit charges all day  long, then as it gets dark the lamp dimly illuminates the area under the device.

When I approach the light the sensor detects me and then brightly lights up the area.  It says on bright mode for 20 seconds after motion stops.  This is pretty useful when going out in the early morning to feed the animals.

In my mind, this thing is a good value, it costs less than $20, and is designed for outdoor use.  I think several of these mounted strategically around the house are a great security option as well as being very convenient to use.

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