Somebody Picked the Wrong Diner

Somebody Picked the Wrong Diner

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This is a pretty funny Glock video that features the “Gunny”  R. Lee Ermy and a bunch of cops peacefully eating in a diner are “robber” by a thug who just has a hard time.

Now since somebody picked the wrong diner in this video, the characters in the commercial will help him find a new job – probably one making license plates.

Enjoy this Glock commercial.  I added it because I thought it was a pretty cool and creative commercial.  I liked it so much that I put other commercials in the same series to share them with you.

I love these Glock commercials, Somebody Picked the Wrong Diner is not my favorite video, I like the version with the girl in the house, but it is pretty funny.

I think it is perfect when the bad guy gets his just desserts.  While some people won’t find this funny, not everyone sides with the good guy, so I don’t mind.

I also like R. Lee Ermy as an actor, and he is pretty good as a Glock rep too.  Somebody Picked the Wrong Diner is a great video to watch, tell me if you want to see more videos like it.



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