Speedy Jig Introduction

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Click to View on Amazon

This is an introductory video for some jigs from Speedy Jig.  The jigs are high quality steel and powder-coated to last.

I was extremely pleased when thety asked me to review these devices as I was planning on making my own bracelet jig, but I did not want to mess around with wood designs.

I would just make a video showing how to use these two awesome jigs, buy my son made me promise to wait for him so he could make a sling for his toy gun.

I will post the video showing how to make a paracord bracelet later and use the jig to make a monkey fist pretty soon also.

These kits are complete – and include enough materials to make a couple different projects.  I love how the jigs are designed to last and how easy they are to use.

Both kits are adjustable and can make large or small projects.

I can’t wait to make a monkey fist large enough to launch out of my black powder cannon.  With this kit you can easily make small keychain monkeyfists up to using a billard ball as a center.

You should really look into these affordable jigs.

David Nash :Dave Nash is a Author and Instructor that is dedicated to learning and sharing new ways to efficiently and resourcefully homestead and prepare for disasters.

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