Speedy Stitcher Modification

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I made a Speedy Stitcher Modification by adding a spring to the needle.  The purpose of the modification is to assist in the push response for stitching.  It makes the stitching seem easier.

What it does is makes the stitching process a little more smooth and less work.

The spring I used comes out of a click ink pen.  I simply unscrewed a pen and stole the spring.  If you use the large leather-working needles you will probably need a bigger spring.

This is a pretty easy thing to do, and some don’t seem a big difference.  I do, but I must apologize, my camera work was horrible for this video – it is a main reason I made my camera hat.

This video is on my list to reshoot.  I just have a bunch of things going on right now that make it pushed back farther on my list.  Not an excuse, and I don’t fault those that are pissed about this video.

I use this modification to help when I am stitching heavy material as it helps keep my thread in the right spot and a little in getting my needle out from the leather or nylon I am sewing.

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