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Spinsales is a Great YouTuber

Site Review: Spinsales
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I have decided to start showcasing some of the websites and YouTube Channels that I use as a resource.  Today I am going to introduce you to a YouTuber named spinesales.

This guy has a lot of great videos, he does a lot of machining and foundry work, as well as gunsmithing and bluing.  I first started following him when I saw some of his swaging videos (for those that don’t know swagging is the process of using pressure to create jacketed bullets).

I asked him some questions and he responded by making the videos I have a the bottom of the post.

What he is talking about is swaging .22lr spent cases to begin the process of turning them into  .223 jacketed bullets.  Which, while labor intensive, may just become an extremely valuable skill.  Just imagine the ability to take a spent .22 case that most consider worthless, and turn it into a .223 hollow-point bullet ready for reloading.  This is pretty darn cool.

.22 Long Rifle Brass De-Rim Die

Spinsales has some really great videos, and from my contact with him, he is a really good guy.  I really enjoy watching his videos, I have learned a lot – he has great videos on machining as well as other things.

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