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How to Stay Safe from Terrorism

Staying Safe from Terrorism
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This post contains some tips for staying safe from terrorism.

But before you scroll down to see the tips, realize that the goal of terrorism is to use fear to enhance a political motive.

If you allow your fear to change how you vote or what you allow your government to do the terrorists win and will continue to use their tactics.

Only by getting angry and fighting back against terrorist acts and goals will you ensure that terrorist tactics are counterproductive and won’t be used.

This is not just fighting back physically, but emotionally and politically

How to Stay Safe from Terrorism

  • Be alert to both your immediate surroundings and the overall area. Terrorists count on surprise.
  • Think ahead.  A baseball infielder gets off a quicker throw if he’s been thinking what he’ll do if and when he gets the ball, and you’ll react more quickly to an event if you’re expecting one.
  • This same attitude also helps you check the type and location of exits, wherever you are, without really thinking about it.
  • Watch for conspicuous or unusual behavior in others, especially when traveling.
  • Never accept any package from a stranger or leave your luggage unattended.
  • Your other preparedness planning can carry over here.  Getting out of a burning building safely, for instance, is the same process whether the fire started from a cook’s stove or a terrorist’s bomb.
  • Take bomb threats seriously even though a true terrorist is not likely to warn. If you receive a bomb threat by telephone, get as much information from the caller as you can.  Listen for something helpful in background noises.  Record the call if possible.
  • If you’re in a building when a bomb goes off, get out as quickly and calmly as you can. Watch for falling debris, and stay as low as possible to avoid smoke and potentially poisonous gases.
  • If a bomb blast traps you in a building, stop moving.  Staying in your area prevents kicking up dust and also maximizes the chance that searchers will find you.  Further boost your chances of being found by tapping on a pipe.  Avoid shouting; this increases your respiration, and there may be poisonous gas in the air.
  • Follow any official directions you receive.  The top goal of first responders is to save lives; all instructions they issue will be geared toward that goal.
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