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How to Stop Thieves from Stealing Gates without Welding


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When I set up my farm gate, the idea was to deter thieves, I knew I needed to weld a washer over the gate pin so the gate could not be lifted off the hinges.  However, I am not a good welder so I decided to wait.

That was a bad decision, as thieves lifted the gate and stole a 16 foot trailer from my land.  They did this after taking the time to load full with construction materials and tools from my shipping container.  Tools that included my two welders….

Without a Welder I Needed a Solution

When I discovered it I had to figure out a way to prevent them from lifting the gate off again.  I bought some strong angle brackets and fiber flex tape.  The idea was to screw the brackets into the post so that they rested on the gate pins.  Next, I would reinforce the brackets with the tape.  That would make it harder to cut off.

The tape manufacturer said 6-8 wraps of this epoxy tape would make it extremely difficult for the bracket to be cut off.

Unfortunately, my memory did not serve and the brackets were to small.  I would have driven the hour back to town and got bigger brackets, but I found that the thieves struck again, this time taking time to angle grind my locks off the shipping containers.

Then, I decided to cut a block of wood and nail it over the gate pin, and use the tape to reinforce.

I am sorry about the poor camera angle.  At the time I was very angry, alone, and in a hurry.

Next time I go to the land we will see how well this stood up to thieves (even though in this case they did not touch the gate – perfering to drive through my neighbors yard….


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