Strawberry Coring Tip

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So simple, not many words are needed. As a matter of fact, when I first saw this Strawberry Coring tip I thought it was the most innovative thing I had seen in a long time, but I was disappointed when my normally uniformed wife, very matter of factly told me that “everyone knows this…” I didn’t know it, so I am sharing it…

Take a straw and a whole strawberry and push straw up through the bottom of the strawberry and the core pops right out.

If you wonder why I shared I a tip that “everyone already knew” its simple – while I hope that this website helps people learn how to become more self reliant as well as to be a place people can visit for answers to questions they have – it is more a documentary of my journey from a guy that read about things to become a guy that does things.  I did not know how to use a strawberry as a strawberry coring aid, so when I did learn I shared it.

This strawberry coring tip worked pretty good.  I use it whenever I have to make something with strawberries.  It worked perfect with my brandied strawberries.

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