Sunshine to Dollars

Book Review: Sunshine to Dollars
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Sunshine to Dollars is a very cool book, it has a great balance of theory with how to advice. I haven’t followed any of the plans in the book my self, but I have used all the concepts to enhance existing projects, and to design new ones.

I really like the concepts in this book, particularly the idea that it is more efficient to use the heat energy of the sun directly – rather than turn the energy into power to be used to create heat later…

The author, Harris, is well known in the preparedness and sustainable living worlds.  He is a frequent presenter and speaker and has written a lot of books of use toward off grid living.  Solar power happens to be his best topic, but I have also enjoyed his work with ethanol fuel production, and plan to give workshops on homestead fuel production at Dual Homestead as soon as I can qualify for a license.

The only thing I have against Sunshine to Dollars is that it took things Harris did, but that may not be available to everyone, and suggest they are universal how-tos.

His example on how to get free solar panels is the most prominent.  I admit his method is ingenious, but I found that after a couple years of trying, it is not quite that easy.

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