Kitchen DIY: Survival Punk Paleo Food Bar

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Kitchen DIY: Survival Punk Paleo Food Bar

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One of the friends I have made while creating this site is James Burnette of Survival Punk.  As a matter of fact I hit it off with James so well that I offered him free rent on my farm to partner with me on the defunct Dual Homestead.

While we share a strong DIY ethic, we do have a lot of differences – most notably in the areas of fitness and nutrition…  However, while out working on the land James offered me some of a Paleo Food Bar he developed.

Jame’s Paleo food bar is a mixture of 4 ingredients – Lemon, dates, coconut oil, and shredded coconut.

While I much would have preferred a burger, I can see where a paleo ration bar has a use in preparedness or survival.  While, I don’t like coconut, it tasted pretty good.

Watch the embedded video to hear James talk about his bar and why he created it the way he did.

My wife has experimented a little with paleo diets as she has worked to get healthy, I still am not convinced any diet is better than just eating a balanced diet and working hard physically.  However, since I still eat mayo, cheese, sweet tea and beef as my four food groups you should not consider me an expert.

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