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How to Use a Survival Still Over a Campfire


Gear Review: Using Survival Still on a Campfire
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The other day we showed how to use shelf brackets to hold pots over a campfire, today we will use this technique to try to distill water over a campfire.

This is probably the most important test of the survival still, because if you ever have to actually rely on the still, you may not have any other cooking method other than the trusty campfire.

Once again, if you rub bar soap on the outside of the bottom pot BEFORE you put it on the fire, the soot will clean up much easier.

While a lot of people think the survival still is too expensive, I think it is a pretty neat product.

I find that using a survival still over a campfire is a pretty easy way to distill water.

(Edit) Now the Survival Still ships with a stainless steel water line.  If you have the old silicon one, contact them and they will ship you a new one free.  I got one in and it does work well, it is flared, so I find it picks up the water inside the still better, but being steel it is not flexible and I found it harder to fit on my stove with the pots I have – I had to use a bowl instead of dripping into the mason jar I normally use.

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