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Surviving Without Doctors

Surviving Without Doctors
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The idea behind the PDF Surviving without Doctors is that Most doctors, hospital facilities, and medical supplies are located in cities. An all-out attack would destroy most of these modern blessings. Even if medical assistance were nearby, only a few of the survivors confined to shelters in areas of heavy fallout would be able to get needed medicines or the help of a doctor. For periods ranging from days to months, most unprepared survivors would be forced to live under medical conditions almost as primitive as those experienced by the majority of mankind for all but the past few decades of human history.

The information in the PDF is a brief summary of Colonel Henry’s medical advice for nuclear war survivors living under primitive conditions and unable to get the help of a doctor or effective medicines.33 (Additional advice, enclosed in brackets, is from a medical publication.)

This PDF is pretty short, so I linked to a better book – Where There is No Doctor – which is a very well known and used document used by missionaries and aid workers in third world areas. This book is arguably the most widely-used health care manual in the world.

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